What Is The Reason Genies Are Coming To Know I Am Fake Genie Or Not God ?

I am only original in entire universe and original genies of other religions has come by believing  in me and they dont want tme to proven as original genie until they want me to say they are true when i proved them they are lie and now they know that i am original god in entire universe and they want me to be killed and they are proving to world i am bad and sinner and giving there sins on me and nobody takes sins of me which are of others and was fooled to do because of enemies of me whom nothing happened until now and whenever they are caught they believe in me and give there sins on me to save themselves and so time is changed and when i try to kill them as punishment they try to kill me. When the sins are put on me all genies are changed and they dont remermber why they are changed and genies learned knowledge from me to kill me and they are using my knowledge of me on my genies who are god genies and using my body to prove they are true an i am lie like putting a genie inside my body who makes the world good and religions good and after using my believe my health becomes bad and they dont make my health good too and leave me to die and proof they are true and forgive sins of there people by using my property in there religion because the world time continues by me and everything in the world happens by my believe and when any religion gets believe from me they forgive there public sins daily on there religious places and proof they are true and nothing happens to me and they keep me saying they are bad and thefts winning from me to bring victory on there religions in reality. They give there sins on me forcely and by giving there sins on me forcely by using my genies who didnt learned my knowledge of truth and they give there sins on me forcely and my health becomes bad because of genies who comes to kill me by saying you only sinned and until we kill you we will not finish you.  They say world has become bad because of you and genies sins are kept on me and all genies in teh world believes i made the world bad and i sinned so you must be killed in order for the world to become good and you true love must be finished and just like american a genie will say have you seen your face how you look like and can you be called as god then i just remembered i am god and he was too forced to change otherwise he will get punished and some genie will punish him if he believes in truth. If my genies checks my body as a doctor to see who is doing what from which location and what they are proving then they will understand that how i am true and why others are proving me as lie and wrong and who is that who is finishing religions and making world bad and why i am proven as bad. Why the world comes to know truth for 1 second or half second when genies jail break is broken by me when i keep my mind clean if all genies comes to know this then they will immediately take action against enemies of me and know that what is there mission and what they want everyone to become and happen in the world because if anything happens to god then it happens to everyone in the world and universe including to those and there kids and there upcoming generation who is trying to make world bad and others because god will never become fake in any circumstances and god is real only since he is born or existed. If anyone is believing that god is in jail block then he is not keeping his mind clean because of some reason from which his true love will be finished and he knows truth but genies are unable to know truth because when sins are put on his left shoulder or inside his body genies are forced to change and if god keeps his mind clean then he will say what he doesnt have to say and once he said something his mind will be cleaned and he will win from everyone instantly. But genies needs to find out who is that who wants god true love to be finished and god is real so he already told who are his enemies and check from his body truth so they understand what is truth. If genies are doing anything by thefting fate from god without permission it means the world is in danger and at any time the world genies can become bad and genies will force god to just understand world is being finished and world will be finished or anyone is dying and automatically there fate will come on his forehead.

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