What Is Time ? (Ahmed Book 8 For Genies)

time is created forcely by genies from understanding and thinking of life and if genies doesnt exist then human or life creates there own time so time is not created by anyone. It means time is not created of anyone until human or life lives on his own will he lives and continues to do anything and not forced to live in created time of anyone. Like genie says you have to do this at this time forcely where human or life will be doing sin or love or anything else. If human or life lives on there own created time where they make there time then human or life will be living happy and convinced on there own living. Also sun and moon doesnt continues on time where they are rising and disappearing on earth on time they are same outside planet earth and other planets. It proves they are same and time is only created by genies who says at this time sun will rise and disappear and at this time moon will rise and disappear.

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