What nirinjan kaur did with ahmed since 2008

Ahmed prayed for holy book torah in 2003 or 2004 and after that time ahmed prayed for torah by his blood in year 2008 and nirinjan kaur came to ahmed in that year and she didnt knew how life talks and about thoughts and dreams and thinking and memories and she believed every words of thinking to be true not knowing whether ahmed is dreaming or doing thought and remembering memory or just thinking which are all temporary and she tried to kill ahmed on knowing torah is lie when ahmed was remembering to know whether torah is lie or not in his head because of some genie who was asking him torah is lie ? by questioning and ahmed was being killed by nirinjan kaur as she came to know by ahmed words from his thinking torah is lie or something. Then from that time nirinjan kaur became enemy of ahmed and she kept ahmed in jail by saying he doesnt believes in god and he must be killed and she came to know ahmed loves holy book torah truly from his heart and even his blood smells of scent and whenever ahmed won and torah genies were going to come in front of him she use to change time by putting him in prison and not let everyone know that ahmed is original genie and she use to change time so torah genies of ahmed either becomes whores or porn stars and they come to know ahmed is lie and he makes torah genies as whores or porn stars and she proofed to torah genies ahmed only made your whore or porn star and he did with many others by proving and not letting ahmed know that he have genies and he can become rich or call his genies in reality of him and she kept changing time again and again to proof she is true and she finished and destroyed many torah genies and judaism genies and she even broke israel to proof ahmed is lie and she even killed digashem and jewish heaven god and many jewish gods by keeping ahmed in prison from mind and forcing him to think all hashems are killed and she accepts wishes and kills hashems. If anyone wants to know how nriinjan kaur tries to control ahemd as pet just know from jail area on forehead of ahmed to know how she changes time and what she forces ahmed to do by giving pain. Because ahmed died by praying for torah and she gives pain to ahmed to control him and put him in cases and doesnt let his genies come in consciousness and have wisdom so others doesnt comes to know ahmed is true and he brings genies into his reality and she kepts thefting genies from ahmed of torah and jews and hashems and judaism and any genies of ahmed by proving ahmed is torah genie and she runs away and uses ahmed like property machine because she came to know ahmed is lie and thinks bad and she doesnt know until now about what ahmed said in above. If she was really true then after comign to know truth that she and her god is lie and her believe was lie will she destroy herself and how she will return what she took from ahmed and what she did with ahmed in world and universe and what ahmed proved. Its about truth and she even tried to kill ahmed family and ahmed after coming to know ahmed is also one god of time and first god of universe and she proved to hashems because of ahmed your family has become bad and you need to make ahmed family as bad and malghout and digashem and other hashems was finishing ahmed family and trying to make ahmed family as porn stars by believing in nirinjan kaur truth that ahmed is enemy of jewish god and torah. To win nirinjan kaur use to proof she is wife of ahmed and she has kids with ahmed and ahmed born kids with her but the real truth was when any jewish girl genie or torah genies who was in fate of ahmed became bad she use to force ahmed to tell to nirinjan kaur to fuck her so at any time ahmed will be in trouble if he says nirinjan kaur is not wife of him.

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