What Thinking Means Of Life For Genies (Ahmed Book 5 For Genies)

thinking of life means assuming most of the times because he doesnt questions to anyone as he doesnt know genies exist and they are asking them any questions and thinking at the same time can be imagining, dreaming, thought, memory, investigation and when any life thinks by imagining something then its just his thinking and when life thinks by imagining  he remembers about memory of past or future or even thought or dream otherwise what life thinks is just assuming. Those genies or gods who believed until now that thinking means truth only are lie gods and they didnt knew what thinking means because thinking is just talking for life and if life comes to know there thinking will happen then they will concentrate and think for there thinking to happen when they want it to happen otherwise when they think freely without having consciousness is just imagining, dreaming, thought, memory, investigation only. Genies gets effected by thinking of life because they are thinking of life and when life thinks genie comes in believe which is air or seen or heard in there reality and they are not seen to everyone and genies doesnt know that most of the genies are  effected by thinking of life. Thinking of life also means discussion when life thinks and do discussion with genies if he sees genies or hear genies or feels genies but the genies world is the world where genies are forced to change on thinking of life and they dont know what thinking means and what life means and when life thinks with meanings then they are able to understand what life means from sayings otherwise if life thinks without meanings in sayings they dont understand what life said from thinking which is sayings and with sayings if there is video then its called as dream and memory and imagination and thought.

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