What Trust You Want From Me After We Have Born Kids

What trust you want from me after you have born kids from me ? is it about life and death ? that after death i must believe in you and trust you for everything ? I trust in my family and i have trusted you by borning kids with you and marrying you and you will live with me until i live so what trust you want from me ? we are married and have kids and happy. Do you understand what trust means ? if trust of anyone is broken because of some understanding of truth is that called a trust ? let me tell you by just winning from you by doing debate of truth and proof you i am true then your god by winning from your believe and your god believe and proof you that your god is lie and your believe was only on something for getting something or to live or for support. I trust you that is why i born kids with you and you born kids with me by trusting me and if you didn’t trusted me how you would have born kids with me. I don’t trust your god because your god can leave me if anybody proofs him truth by doing debate and levitating or showing miracle after controlling me because he is a genie in everything as a genie sense who is forced to change on coming to know talking of anyone. Just test him by telling truth of someone in front of him and see what he will do to someone of whom he came to know truth from reality. How can you trust a god who is forced to change on truth which he comes to know if i say i don’t love your god what he will do to me even after i love your god and will remember him later i mean when he will come to know i say i don’t love him he will change on coming to know truth and his genies will change even after knowing i love him truly because they are like fake genies who needs to become original and trust in family from whom they born kids or true love. Will your god trust someone who is more older then him ? he will not why ? because he knows some truth which i tell to my family whom i trust. If your god means trust in me so you will be alive then he needs to know truth that if someone is true then he will not die and if any god is lie they cannot do anything because the power of truth gives victory to anyone. So i trust my family only with whom i have kids just like human trust his family with whom he have kids. Trust is not that trust from where you are getting support that someone will help you and resurrect you after death if you believe in them to be true. You need to become original by yourself and make your family and trust in your family and teach them how they can trust in you by telling them truth and after your family comes to know truth they will start trusting you so even if you die your family will resurrect you who trust you that you are his family otherwise god will not trust you and treat you like a servant and tells you to believe in him or he will not resurrect you and will not give you anything. Just stay as true if you are genie and debate to win anything from anyone and win but never become bad and never make any family who is bad or changes on truth like some god otherwise your life will become bad. If your god says he will take care of you even if you are lie and he doesn’t theft anything from you because of your lie talking or cheating or human living where you believe in god or not and resurrect even if you sin and die or cheat anyone but not god and he gives you freedom then you can trust him. Otherwise he is just robot genie who changes when coming to know something you can test it out.

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