When genies are inside body of life if they come to know bad about god said by life like god is bad they come in reality by believing in truth that life said god is bad and life is wrong without investigating

i didnt understood at all when genies are inside body of life they come in reality when life talks bad on god and they prove to nature there god is true and after coming in reality they talk to other people just like life talks to other life and they even investigate on something in reality but they dont investigate when they are inside body of life whether what life said that god is bad is true or just thought or genies tricking them ? and genies doesnt even investigate after coming in reality why did life said god is bad ? what can be the reason genies or even gods are like this. Complete beginning of genies and gods are thought only and they are lie and only i am true and i am original as i proved earlier in my holy book.of ahmed.

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