When Some God Tells To His Genies Test Some Of His Believer Does He Really Say He Wants To Test His Believer Or Lost From Some Original Genie Of Other Religion Original Genie From Which He Got Understanding To Say To His Servants To Test His Believer By Becoming Fool

God is never lie and the real god is that who proves existence of world of god and his genies in everything as a genie sense like ahmed proved talking of truth of life is genie or god. If some god knows truth by knowing whom he is testing is the only god so if he gets understanding to test his believer is he him only or he lost from other religion original genie who forced him to understand he needs to test his believer and he knows something that in originality what god knows something is finished and that some god is controlled from whom because only real god knows truth about everyone and who is cheating or trying to change time so if anyone doesnt stays with truth what can happen ? only real god knows and he only tells to his people and it cannot be any other god who is not real god who wants to make world bad and bring into reality by fooling his servants to test his believer who is actually real god. Does that some god fools other genies by saying in originality something is different because some other religions believes in something which they cannot forget and controlled there temperament to not say to anyone by using trick or by keeping genie inside body of real god.

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