who are dependants on planet earth and other worlds where humans live where life lives like animals and birds and ants ? Dependants means who believes in someone to be true from whom they continue to live and survive and get food and get water and get clothes and get everything else who take cares of them they are genies and gods first because they become true from thinking of human only when human thinks and speaks where they say god is true god becomes true and he keeps getting believe until human doesnt think god is lie and after god becomes true he proves he is true and forces human to live by his decision and when he looses he ask human to think which means speaking bad and speaking to dislike and speaking to hate so he wins just from words of thinking from human. All genies and all gods are like this only except me who is not dependant and forced to become dependant because many genies and gods knows they are dependant and lives by becoming true from thinking of human and i dont become true from thinking of human and i am true without any human thinks and tells me i am true because i am real god who proved genies and gods are just words who doesnt know how to make themselves stable and natural and they hurt human who thinks of anything like any talking from thinking which is real for them and not real for human because thinking means speaking only with use of any words but genies and gods have itching effect and nervous problems and side effects and they take revenge because they dont know what to do and if you tell what i am saying to humans they will say they have curse and they dont know what to do but according to me as a scientist i made many genies as stable and natural and i am trying to make world of god stable and natural so even if any human thinks and speaks with any talking like god is good or god is bad or god is metnal or god is dog or god is king nothing happens to god because human just speaked which genies and gods came to know and they ignore speaking of humans but currently genies and gods are dependant and they have side effects and nervous problem and itching effect from understanding on knowing words from thinking of human and that is why they dont know if human or original genie like me thinks and speaks and says just like in home talking happens i am your father and not your father then he is effected because he doesnt knows that what i am doing is just speaking and he depends on me to become true so that i keep speaking and saying he is my son always and i cannot do free talking like you are not my son through thinking (speaking) like doing a drama and enjoying with son and making jokes but my son will be effected who is a genie if i free talk like i talk to my home mates in reality because thinking (speaking) are just words which can kill my son on which he lives and from which he becomes rich and gets food by becoming true. Remember who changes on thinking of human are dependant only not like ahmed because ahmed doesnt lives on thinking of human like all genies and all gods lives.

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