Who Is Ahmed

Ahmed is born in muscat, oman in the year 1981 and month november.

His believe doesnt matches with anyone and he have his own believe in seeing and hearing to be true which is his experience in believing in truth.

Ahmed believes in his god sometimes who is original god of universe whom he has met in dream and dreams are true when it is believed to be true and ahmed loves his god truly from his heart and from his mind.

Ahmed have a good life and all the times ask god for helping him and supporting him to make his believe perfect and beautiful.

Ahmed says to genies to believe in his truth which is only his truth and genies doesnt need to believe in anyone not in any god not even on him and believe in believing from mind “we are in dream and dream is true and if we are true then we will get food or money from any genies or anyone of human reality from anywhere of his body and it will not change what you bring if you believe in ahmed truth only” You dont have to believe in ahmed just believe in truth which gives you power and control in dream where you live (inside dream of humans which is inside dream of universe not seen or heard to humans) If you are true then those who tries to fool you when they become lie from there truth then they will loose from you automatically and your power of believing in truth works.

Ahmed lives a normal life and loves his genies family who are dreams for him and dreams cannot die and come back again even if dies when it becomes true by anyone.

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