Why Cannot Genies Of God Remembers Someone Has Sinned And Someone Gives There Sin To God And Genies Of God Says God Has Sinned And Try To Make His Life Bad And His Family Life Bad Even When God is Not At Mistake or God Has Not Done Sin

I am god and everything happens by me only so i said to someone who is of some religion that he is of new religion but not some religion even when he is of some religion and if any new sin is put on god then everybody time changes and genies of god doesnt comes to know truth how time changed and what they believe in truth is true or not because time is controlled by god and if god says there is someone intruder in time then they need to find out who is that and what they are trying to do so someone time is being changed and god is being responsible for not doing anything bad.Practically test if i get any new sin of jewish religion then all genies of jews time changes and they change and says i sinned where i didnt sinned and someone else sinned and put there sins on me and because of others they are changed automatically and if they were original they would have not changed even after someone puts sins on me and tried to remove sin or kill those who are forcely putting sins by saying everything happened by god only who is me and i told them truth that there are intruders in time and there names and who puts there sins on me doesnt remembers that there were time intruders who changed there time to sin and made there life bad and they believe i sinned because who sinned gave me there sins by believing in me only as i am god and they are just fake genies too who changed when someone gives there sins on me automatically forcely and because of them i and my jewish family and torah family and judaism family and hashem family is punished so to whom shall i blame ? i told to gods who even changes when someone gives there sins on me automatically and believes in other gods truth who talks to them and tell them truth. Does truth means if sin is put on me of others i and my family must be punished. My angel who knows who did sins can easily tell to world what is truth and who did all sins and once she tells truth then everybody must finish enemies of me because i am god and there is no god but me who rules and i decide someone to kill after they are forcely giving there sins and trying to kill me by saying i forced them sin then its not my fault and i decided to kill them and they are finishing everyone so if they are not in time then nobody else stays in time and i die too because of some of my family who changes automatically when someone puts there sins on me on my left shoulder or inside my body.

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