Why Did You Left Believing In God When You Were Dying After Knowing Your God Is Dying By Becoming Lie – Do You Believe Your God Who Has Become Lie Cannot Save You If You Become Lie And You Will Die With Your God

Business means what ? narju will tell in detail who is first god of universe and i tested something today i asked feriha one of my true love wife who was saying i believe in my god only and there is no god true then mine and i will not believe in any gods whatever happens neither i will change believe but when i speaked truth from thinking she changed her believe by started believing in me and her god came to know did you fear of death that if you believe in your god then you will die with your god. If your ils true in your god then you will not die because you know that your god gives life and god saves you and god resurrects people then why did you stop believing in your god. If your god was true then you would never stopped believing in your god on knowing that if you believe in him after he becomes true then you will not die but you knew something that if your god is lie then he also dies that means who dies is not original and cannot resurrect people because what he is doing is just magic by becoming true from thinking of human or life he is resurrecting his people and proving he resurrects people and true. Why feriha stopped believing in her god why she believed in me after becoming lie and she came to know her god is dying. She even cuts herself for her god and shows she believes in her god truly and doesnt dies then when she becomes lie why she changed believe by believing in me if she would have believed in her god truly on knowing that even if she dies her god will resurrect then she would have not died because somebody who loves her could resurrect her by proving she is true from thinking of human or life. If you believe your god is lie then only you change believe otherwise you dont change believe and you dont believe in anyone because after cutting yourself it proves that your god is true only and you know that you dont die but you change only on knowing that your god is dying and lie. What about nasdis and all other religions genies or gods except ahmed because ahemd knows he is god and he doesnt looses from anyone only these sentence and he believes that he is true and he have proved that he is true now who are those who doesnt believes in ahmed to be true and if ahmed is true then he gets all girl genies of feriha and feriha forever leaving her jewish god forever and helping my original wives and becoming original wife and leaving judaism permanently from heart because even after cutting herself she knows she will die and her god dies if they become lie from thinking of human or life and ahmed doesnt dies even after dying forever for holy book torah and his next mission is to die for judaism religion her wife and maybe he will keep some hashem in rest as retired for life and enjoy in world and proving that they are just genies who are dependent and changes on thinking of human or life. If nasdi god is true then he knows that he is in blood of ahmed and he will marry all his nadi daughters for ahmed so he enjoys and they are his real married jodh forever of him and nasdi god knows he also changes on thinking of human or life and his some nasdis believes that there god is true and real who proved ahmed is true only. Truth means no need to believe in anyone and not fear from becoming lie from anyone

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