without talking can genies or gods change ?

i told in my earlier post the same text but i am telling in different way now genies and gods changes only on knowing talking of anyone because they dont have life and they dont investigate what is truth and even if genies or gods comes to know god has a body tehy cannot recognize god from there body until god says he is god because they know talking from god or anyone and they change immediately without investigating what is truth like if god already said i am god from body first so recognize me from my body even if i say i am not god then dont then also i am god from my body because i am god from my body first and then god from talking but genies doesnt remembers truth and they are forced to change on talking and from talking genies and gods fool others and makes living good or bad of anyone and they are just genies who wins from talking to get anything like power and show there power on sky or many other things by fooling genies that they are true. Genies and gods wisn from talking only and not if they see body who doesnt talks. Genies and gods lives on knowing talking of anyone and if body is quiet with another body of genie and genie doesnt comes to know anything from body then genie will not change it means genies and gods changes on only knowing talking even if they come to know body is god and body says who is god talks like life and says he loves god they dont understand that body is only a god and he says to somebody as god and they become forced to change on knowing talking. Life talks in poetries or in stories.

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