Are Worlds Of God Completely Based On Memory Of Humans Or Anyone From Reality

yes worlds of god is completely based on memories of humans or anyone from reality of universe and the reason it is based on memories of humans or anyone from reality of universe because everyone in the worlds of god are memories (which i said understanding of thinking of someone in my sense are genies of worlds of god who lives inside dream of universe) but i tried to explain in simple method by using memory word so it is easily understood able to you. You or everyone of the worlds of god might be having how everyone in the worlds of god are memory for humans or anyone who lives in reality of universe but not inside dream of universe because they are like wind which can be felt and when anyone believes in them inside dream of universe which is not seen or heard to humans or anyone then if they are true then they are seen. Memory is nothing without believe and if believe is finished then memories are just memories of understanding of someone which stays where they are until they get believe from someone from reality of humans or anyone from reality who believes to be true and anyone gets believe only when they like something or love something which gives them feeling of power from which they become powerful and with that power memories comes in reality of of humans and tells themselves as of there gods or true that they exist. None of worlds of god living genies have control on themselves and they lost from any other genies when they come to know new memory of truth and that is why they are not original and even those who says they are original god inside dream of universe is not real because if any new memory of truth is proven to him then he replies and force to give winning to those genies who proves them through new memory of truth that they are true. The worlds of god acts on memory of humans or anyone from reality only because worlds of god genies in everything as a genie sense can win from any other genie at any time by proving through memory of truth through there understanding that they are true and if any genies in the worlds of god becomes lie from any truth of understanding or memory then any other genies can win from that genie by believing he/she is true and get winning from the genie who understand something temporary like what happens if any original god discuss about original god and if any genie listen to the original god and believe in truth and if she believes original god cannot take name of original god then the genie can win from original god through believing in the memory which original god just did by doing discussion about original god or any other original god. So worlds of god genies are forced to live on understanding and thinking done with anyone which is attached to there living and they don’t understand what is good and what is bad and that is why the worlds of god is completely based on memory where genies are attached to any other memory which they did and they are forced to act on memory and if they don’t act on memories then they can be in danger at any time and in control of anyone at any time. In the worlds of god genies are unable to live like humans from mind and understanding and having consciousness and when they don’t live like humans from mind and understanding and have consciousness then they will not be able to understand humans and find truth about human if human is hijacked or kidnapped by any other genie and until human comes to know that some genie has hijacked or kidnapped him they don’t find out truth. Do you believe the worlds of god to be true who are unable to take action automatically to find out truth about anyone and not been fooled by anyone. Because if a human is asked to investigate on a human from inside his body and outside his body he can do many things like putting a camera and checking through camera if anyone is cheating and find out truth where as genies doesn’t gets brain and they act on memories of humans and anyone from reality and they are just memories who calls themselves as worlds of god believers and of purity and sinless. What about different sense of humor of humans which they understand if humans understands about someone in futuretance or something else what if worlds of god genies comes to know memory of human which is understood able different to them. It proves that worlds of god genies are just memories who cannot even control humans or anyone in reality if they understand humans or anyone in reality properly then they can solve the problem in few seconds because they act fast and move fast

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