You Come To Know God When You See If Genies Of Different Religion Doesnt Comes To Know Rememberings Of Life Then They Cannot Do Anything

There are 2 gods in world and they justice on coming to know remembering from life and if nobody remembers from life what is truth then there is no god because if life says he didnt sin and genies proof life didnt sin and then life remembers that he sinned then what happens genies takes action again and fight to prove one of life is innocent and fight with other god and both the gods says we know what is truth about world what is god and we fight and win because if we just believe in god and keep quiet and somebody will come and debate and trick and win and go and nothing will happen to them and we will not be able to believe anymore so there is no real god for everyone which we believe and it is truth in all the times according to the god who made time of planet and that is why from different times the genies says we know what is one god of time and what is truth and what is world of god about and we will not believe in another god then our god because we know truth and we stay with truth but what is they come to know there is first god of universe will there believe becomes finished because in all the times of one god of times there is no time genies of past and future and all the times and only real god has the time genies with him forever so if genies of different gods doesnt believes in real god then what must happen to them and can they travel back in past or future going back from current time by believing we know what is the world of god about and what is real god ? where they know there is no real god at all ? If genies of different gods doesnt believes in real god how can they travel or come in reality by believing in magic ? after coming to know truth about real god they must live with real god.

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