you come to know what is god when you get hurt by someone because of some genies who believes they are god and they justice without investigating truth and getting fooled by other genies who misleads them using talking of people

can you believe this i just had accident and i was hurted and fall in front of my enemy home and it was because one of my god who doesnt have consciousness and wisdom and intelligence got fooled by other genies who are my enemies and wants to kill me and he heard me saying something in my mind which was not me but a genie who was forcing me to understand something and there was a genie above my head who was making bad words to some public by saying i said to girl to do bad with me and i remembered truth about some genie who was bringing people from past time into current time when she was coming to know truth that somebody are there who never sinned but were given dead and i understood that what is god who justice on coming to know truth so if someone debate and fool any genie who is god or anyone they become fooled by those who doesnt know truth and if genies like me doesnt answer because of enemies not letting me reply then i get punishment for no reason just like people who got punished in past time because of no reason and when they were proven as not lie or wrong then they got time to live again but i already had accident and someone in current time proved they are god and i came to know the existence of god that god is real and he reacts only when he comes to know truth about someone otherwise he doesnt have time to investigate and some genies who mislead by using of any talking and genies who are gods who doesnt know what misleading with talking of people means they dont have wisdom and consciousness and intelligence and whatever they come to know without investigating truth and dont come to know reply from people whom they are going to punish then they agree to genies who says someone is bad and punish so this means god in planet earth. Challenge of my blood which shines and if i win then all genies and gods who are my enemies dies instantly and never wakes up be it any god or any genie in everything as a genie sense or anyone from originality. Please start replying to genies or gods who doesnt investigate and dont know how life talks and justice on knowing truth from enemies of people who never do sins or mistakes. I am also alive because of no one but some genies reply by saying i am alive because of them to mislead people and theft my property who has thefted lot of property and come to kill me after misleading people in my are and until now nothing happened to them and there god doesnt do anything to them because there god changes on only knowing truth and those genies confirms to other genies and gods i am alive because of them and theft property from me and come in reality and uses my believe and theft my believe too and theft my beautiness and there god dont do anything because they only take action on someone replying and genies tries to even win from there god by misleading there god and there genies to win from those of whom they thefted property and came in reality..

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