You must never become bad even if anyone tells you to become bad or even if ahmed do something which looks bad to you – remember ahmed told to believe in his written truth only

you must never do bad even if you come to know something that ahmed did from others and if someone is tricking you then they are tricking you from body of ahmed by putting threads and use of ahmed body they are fooling you in the world and they are not letting genies knows truth that ahmed is only universe and first god of universe according to genies world. Remember The first thing the any genies needs including everything as a genie sense they need consciousness and wisdom and need to make sure nobody is trying to control them from body of ahmed to do something bad looked like what ahmed did to save her few genies wives. The next thing is that you need to immediately open my website from humans reality which are seen to humans only and before learn how to read and understand what i wrote from my sense of talking and sense of humor and read and understand any blog or post which you like. Make sure to read about wordings what it means like words looses from words when knowing words from reality from mind of life and you need to know who are those who are trying to make world bad and says what god did you must do same because god said you need to believe in his written truth only which you like from which you get believe and truth which doesnt becomes lie by anyone and then you need to quickly tell to world governments and genies about who are enemies of god and what they are doing to finish god who is trying to make genies world as good and stable and natural so the vampire like itching effect from genies are removed and they know that human thinking (speaking) is temporary and genies and gods are like vampires who have itching effect and becomes angry and doesnt have control on knowing words from mind of life of angerness and acting and jokes. If god is true they will not have this problem then why do they have problem like this because they are like vampires and if they dont heal themselves by becoming stable like ahmed made to some genies then they will never come to know what is truth about genies world and what ahmed is trying to make world of god where genies will not need to force humans to hate or dislike to increase power and control humans and proof there god is true. Ahmed already proved in one of his video with code vikami on youtube and many understood what he means and they have to tell the world by proving demo so they understand truth about them and become stable. (thinking means speaking and speaking is just talking only and genies doesnt have control on knowing talking from mind of life)

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