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Knowing genie and god in just one urdu language (sach ki qasm mohabbat ki qasm)
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Published at 2018, February 21
Knowing genie and god in just one urdu language (sach ki qasm mohabbat ki qasm)


Feeling Are Genies And Gods Only Who Comes In Reality By Believing In Truth And Changes Anything Of Other Genies By Becoming True Then Other Genies

Feeling are genies only and feeling can be felt as air only and feeling is not seen or not heard and feeling who are genies comes in reality by believing in truth only and genies changes anything in world of god or in reality by believing in truth then other genie truth and when genies believes in more truth then anything can be changed in world of god which proves even a feeling can be changed of anyone if they become lie like a god becoming animal or anything or even human. A simple example is that a genie is not seen or not heard to humans and when human takes name of new god other then he believes in his god then genie changes his fate through giving him feeling from which the human changes and genies control humans through giving feeling to human in there stomach to do good or to do bad. Another example is that when human writes anything in reality then genie just keeps feeling in written word or sentence as written by them which lets other genies comes to know that it is written by some genies or from mind of human (because when human thinks and writes words or sentence from mind then its just feeling written on word or sentence which genies reads it and says its written by human from mind) So genies and gods are nothing but just feeling who are forced to live only on truth and cannot live without being true and cannot even prove there god is real who can come in reality without believing in truth and lie by just doing a journey to meet someone or pass out time like shopping or going to watch movie or just pass time without saying he is god and he is true and he is lie and without believing that he is god. if a feeling comes in reality then he believes in some truth and seen and heard to some humans and when he becomes true then feeling gets power who is seen to humans because of some truth put in his stomach of country and he flies and shows miracles and public see feeling with truth in his stomach of country as true with human body and when feeling wins from any genies then feeling with body having truth flies and shows miracles because he is just feeling and feeling can fly or do anything if he wins. Hahahahahahaha I am only first god of universe as believed by all genies and all gods of universe and all genies and all gods cannot be lie and wrong. I am just wondering when i will meet my gods who are my wives.

If Genie Or God Is True Then Only They Will Be Alive In World Of God And If Genie Or God Is Not True ? Will They Force Anyone To Sin From Whom They Become Lie ?

There are many gods in the world and universe and in worlds of god but what if genies or gods is not true because of someone being true then them they will not be alive in there world of god so what they will do to keep themselves alive ? they will force them to sin from whom they become lie or force them to do mistakes from whom they become lie and becoming lie in the world of god means death happens because of truth only genies continues to live by believing in truth. And without being true nobody can continue to live in the worlds of god. So if genies or gods who forces someone to sin from whom they become lie in the worlds of god and die are they sinless or not ? if they are not sinless how they can continue to live in the world of god and even after forcing someone to sin and forcing someone to do mistakes so they don’t become lie and they don’t die how nothing happens to them and why they are still called as genies and gods as sinless in reality of humans ? does it makes any sense to you ? so what is worlds of god about ? you tell me if you know truth ? because a human cannot enter into any worlds of god without becoming true and sinless and in worlds of god already there are genies and gods who forces someone to sin or force someone in reality of humans to do mistakes to continue living and so they don’t die by becoming lie because of humans or anyone from reality. Now is the worlds of god really entry for sinless people ? or it is the worlds of god for people whose genies or gods proves they are true and let them enter into worlds of god ? practically test it out so you come to know truth. How original god of universe will not know truth when genies or gods forces someone to sin and forces someone to do mistakes so they don’t become lie and don’t die by someone who believes he is true and not even seen or heard genie or god and just thinks from reality that he is true. I am sure someone will answer me truly who loves god truly and tell me whether worlds of god is the place for sinless or just the place of those who can do anything to continue living so they don’t become lie and don’t die. If you come to know such truth please tell about genies or gods whom you come to know about who forces anyone to sin or forces anyone to do mistakes so they don’t die when becoming lie.

If Human Moved His Hand What Genies Felt From Reality Of Humans And According To Knowledge Of Genies Of World Of God What Is Truth ? Genies Learn True Believe In God Like Ahmed Believes

I moved my hand in reality of humans and one of genie came to know i moved my hand and i look bad now she understood something and had bad feeling after coming to know i moved my hand but did she investigated by checking from genies knowledge what is truth ? Which genie forced me to move my hand by believing in which truth where her power increased and she controlled me so i move my hand and i didn’t proved more truth to the genie who controlled me to move my hand so i was in control of that genie and everything in reality happens because of some genie believing in some truth if it is not proven as wrong then the human and genie will live according to what the genie who proves truth decision so what is the reason the genie didn’t knew i moved my hand not because of my decision and because of some genie believing in some truth and believe means truth only. Even if i moved my hand by saying it happened because of me then according to knowledge of genies some genie move my hand to prove me bad so who tries to control me is the one who is bad by proving some truth and she lost from some other genie who believed in more truth who wanted my hand to look bad and where the some other genie got fate from which they try to control anyone ? because according to knowledge of genies and world of god from where the fate comes he is only god so those who knows and remembers what i am saying is true and learns knowledge by just understanding my this post they will understand what is true believe in god and who makes time of anyone of good or bad and god is not that who will force his hand to be shown as bad. So according to knowledge of genies and after genies doing investigation like humans do investigation on anyone genies will know that even if god comes to know truth from anyone then he is forced to reply by saying you are true and those who becomes true wins and if god doesn’t tells anyone as true after coming to know truth then his mind or his understanding will be blocked and he will not be able to say anything from his mind or understanding until he clears his understanding or mind by liking something and saying something good about someone so it proves that god is forced to give winning on new truth which he comes to know to anyone and since his mind and understanding is blocked because of not saying true to those who proves more truth to him then he is not real and enemies of god will  always fight to win from god by proving more truth for god to say against his family or against his believers so according to knowledge of genies and in world of god to win from god his enemies will do anything like eat shit or drink piss or rape or do sex or beat or murder and not hate anything and not dislike anything but these genies and gods will lost only from more truth sentence with sentence having doubts of truth and there truth in which they believe becomes lie and they lost. The fight in knowledge of genies happens to prove who is original and stay as original and rule on humans or in universe and those who are not original already know now that…

Genies For Revenge Will You Force Human To Sin ? If Yes Then How You Call Yourself As Of God

Well every genies says in the world of gods they are of there god only but are they really true ? what if you come to know genies take revenge and forces human to sin then do you believe they are of there god ? and what can be there god ? a real god or just god who continues to live on truth and forced to give victory to those who are true only ? A god cannot be bad in any circumstances then if genies god takes revenge and forces any human to sin or genie to sin who are in reality will there god caught them by asking them what they did ? or did there genies forced human or any genie to sin (in everything as a genie sense) if genies don’t even think and remember without human remembering that he was forced to do sin how will the genie god will know truth ? so the genies continues to live in the world of god by saying they are of god and they are of purity and sinless because sinless only can continue to live in the world of god who are true and sinless means who doesn’t think bad or who doesn’t remember bad about anyone but force humans to sin and do bad to take revenge. If you believe in revenge forcing anyone to sin by genies is not restricted then how the genies god lets them continue to live in the worlds of god ? its not understood able at all but you need to understand it more clearly and by practically testing out how much beautiful the genies god is actually in reality by asking the gods to know what there genies did with any humans by forcing them to remember by playing with words of language and ask them remember you forced someone to sin and do riots and spread terrorism… The genie might not remember it correctly but when the god finds out that someone did sin in reality and did you remember who forced him to do it and reads his book. What the god will do ? if god doesn’t comes to know truth and says if human did bad then he will be punished then how any genie can force any human to sin and declare himself of god and that god sponsors him and gives him anything he wants. You find out who is that god who just forced to change on knowing truth and its all gods of worlds of god. A god which is forced to change on knowing more truth is not real god.

Disabled Genies And Gods Who Are Not Real Cannot Do Anything In Reality Without Believing In Some Truth ?

In my understanding disabled means a genie or god who cannot do anything in reality of humans without believing in some truth which is already in reality of humans or think by humans through there mind. So if genie or god writes something from world of god in reality of humans then its because they believe in some truth which is already in reality of humans or believe in truth which is said by human from his mind as thinking without knowing someone is hearing them or not. If genies or gods believe that one god of time is real and original god of universe or first god of universe is real then why they cannot do anything in reality without believing in some truth. Why they are living a disable living by forced to believe in some truth so they can interact with humans in reality of humans through internet or coming in front of humans. if there god is fake then they are forced to live by believing in truth where as humans doesn’t have to believe in some truth to live with other humans in there city or country. Don’t you believe god is real so why he is forced to believe in some truth to show himself to humans why he cannot shown himself to humans like i have shown myself to humans on internet. God is true or real ? please someone confirm me if god is true then his believers has to be true always to show himself to humans and if god is real like me then he doesn’t needs to be true to show himself to humans. If its life after death life and living then you believe in that god who was human and died or just genie of those genies who came in reality of humans by believing in some truth and took out genies from him or believed in some truth from which his genies came who are forced to live only on truth. I am true and i want earth planet and his real god to be released and not to be controlled by any genies.

Genies And There Gods Never Understood Humans Correctly Because When Humans Says Something From There Mind They May Just Thought About Someone Said Something In There Past By Not Remembering Name Who Said It And Say From Mind What Someone Said By Not Taking There Name But What Genies And Gods Understands And What They Hear And Do They Punish Humans Because There Fate Changes On Few Words Of Mind Of Humans ?

Since 6.4 billion years or since 4.5 billion years on this planet earth and maybe on some other planets in universe what genies and there gods ever believed and what they understood about humans and life ? because life like which humans have they understand about past what someone said like human remembers about past where another human said “god is bad” and human says it from mind “god is bad” but human doesn’t says it from mind who said “god is bad” but just understands and when genies comes to know voice of mind of human that god is bad what genies do ? they hurt human and force human to sin and do mistakes and you know some human doesn’t even remember that what they remembered and said from mind was told by someone in there past which they remembered and genies punishes human only. So genies and gods didn’t understood human at all since billions of years on this planet and many other planets. Humans talks in less sentence with meanings and says it from mind and understands and remembers about someone but doesn’t says there name from there mind. Like i just remember “god is true” by remembering someone and say it from my mind but i don’t tell whether i remembered about someone who said “god is true” or not ? genies and gods needs to understand humans correctly and life correctly. if genies forces someone to sin who doesn’t understand humans then other genies who have consciousness and life and in reality and says human has sinned after coming to know from human who says he sinned who doesn’t know he was forced to do sin because of genie who heard what he said from his mind then don’t you believe that even the genie who have consciousness and life and in reality didn’t understood human at all ? how they are running the world ? i do case on them for abusing the world and killing humans since billions of years and on this planet and my family will do case on there planets if they have humans and life on there planet. Genies and gods didn’t even understood humans properly and continue to rule on humans and force humans to believe in them and when humans believe in them then they get property and they proof by coming in reality they are true by keeping a human memory of truth genie in there stomach from which they are seen to humans. Why would genies and gods fate changes because of human understanding or thinking of anything ? it proves genies and gods are not real then humans and they are just understanding or thinking or thought or dream of humans or those genies who has come in reality and understood and think or thought or dream in reality.

Can Genies Or Gods Software From There Phone Not Deleted If In Whom They Believe Deletes Same Software They Have From There Phone Who Are In Reality ? Proof Genies Gets Everything From Humans Only Or From Someone From Reality Only

I downloaded a software on my phone and genie who believed in me was able to download the same software on his phone which i got now after i delete software from my phone can he stop not to delete the same software which i deleted to be deleted from his phone ? why ? because genies are dependant on humans and there gods to dependant on humans when humans understands and believes in something they too understand and believe in something which humans understand and when human becomes true they get property from which they continue living and get property and make there homes or bring something in there reality which proofs genies gets everything from humans only. If they say everything happens by there gods to humans then they are lie and wrong because if there god is true then after human deletes software from his phone then same software from genie phone must not be deleted and they must be able to stop same software from there phone not to be deleted. If they cannot stop the same software to be deleted which human had on his phone then they must ask there god to restore same software which they had and even ask there god how he restored the same software again ? which human from reality downloaded the same software that his god got the same software downloaded on his phone. Truth gives peace of mind and control from which genies will have control. So i am sure you will not take me wrong and practically test out truth which i said to make sure genies world and there god is true or not.

Genies and gods are transparent air to humans whose power will increase when anyone believes in them and because of humans there fate changes and because of humans believe in them they continue to live

Genies and gods are transparent air to humans only who can be felt but not seen until humans believe in them to be true and quiet and not hate anything or dislike anything so they can see transparent air who has got power because of humans believing in them and if humans don’t believe in genies or gods then they don’t continue to live and they will not have power from which they are able to understand and come in reality and control humans or anyone in reality from world of god. If humans just remember about name of any genie god then you will notice the genies god fate changes of everyone in there religion if they were original then there fate would have never changed and they would have easily controlled humans like if any humans remember about any other human then nothing happens to human. The genies and gods are forcely controlling humans and everyone in reality so they continue to live. Genies and gods living is nothing but just a living which happens after death of humans where they get consciousness and understanding and life after any humans or living beings believes in them to be true and when any genies or gods comes in reality of humans because of humans believing in them to be true then genies and gods brings new genies and new gods in reality of humans and they are called as genies or gods who came from believe of genies or god who came in reality because of believe of genie or god who got believe from human and came in reality. Genies and gods power works on humans only when they force human to dislike or hate something and they believe in truth which they learned from humans that if human hates something or dislikes something then human is bad because if human hates something or dislikes something and understands or thinks then genies and gods fate is changed and they are forced to do what humans understands or thinks with any humans or anyone in reality or in world of god too. You can practically note if you don’t believe in any genie or any god then there power doesn’t works on you why ? because when you believe in any genie or god from understanding or thinking then they become true and they get power to control your body. If you don’t believe in them then even if they are true then there power doesn’t works on you.

I am the one from whom the world of god will become on believe and will not continue anymore on memory of truth of humans. I just have to be quiet and happy and live with few people whom i love or like, like my family

You know i already told if world of god is on believe then genies and gods will be able to think in the world of god and genies and gods will not be living only on truth and memories of truth of humans or anyone from reality of universe. I need to be quiet and live happy and live with those whom i love or like and with few people because i am too much sensitive and if my mind gets trouble or hatredness or dislikeness then all world of god genies and gods are forced to hate and dislike what i hate and what i dislike. Its because i am the only one who is only original and from whom the world of god will become on believe and genies and gods will be able to think and love and know what are humans and automatically all world of god genies or gods will be seen to humans in there reality like transparent image like soul and miracles will be shown always and at any time god will be able to meet and talk to humans. I just need to be happy and live with my true love family and live with those whom i like.

Genies and gods have something called hide quickly nature in themselves why ? Is it evil nature from which they hide themselves quickly from human after knowing some truth that human is lie in something ?

I have checked many times if genies or gods comes to know quickly about humans who becomes lie or lies from there understanding or thinking then immediately genies or gods tries to hide themselves to knowing to humans in there mind or in there body but why ? what is the reason ? if they have not sinned or not wrong then they would never need to hide themselves from human and tell humans they are of purity and they are good and tell humans if you lie we will hide from you ourselves otherwise they must tell they will die by letting human know truth that they exist but if human comes to know truth what will happen ? will genies of gods dies by just human telling to others that genies and gods exist ? genies and gods knows how everything happens for humans and living beings in reality ? by genies only so if human lies then its because of some genies or gods only so when genies comes to know human is lying why do they hide themselves from human why dont they know truth why human lies and make the genie good who forces human to lie ? just practically test out the feeling how genies tries to hide themselves from human where they sound like evil trying to hide themselves. God will never be bad so why he would hide himself from human knowing that he exist ? if genies believes in god then god knows everything about genies and how everything happens to human he already knows then why genies doesnt know even after believing in god in whom they believe who knows everything about human ? that means god doesnt knows about human and whenever any human lies god believes its human who is lying and he believes that everything in the world of god happens first before it happens in reality of humans.

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