All The Time Life Do Imagination From Mind Which They Know Is Not Real For Them

Life means humans and animals and birds…etc humans doesn’t sees there imagination in reality so they don’t believe there imagination is true when they imaginate’s and they imaginate’s all the times because they know there imagination is not real for them. Humans imaginate’s in there mind and genies in everything as a genie sense sees or hears humans imagination which is real for genies in everything as a genie sense only because genies are too imagination of humans. Just ask human to think by believing what you are imaginating is true and real and say a genie coming in front of us like you have seen in cartoons and human will imaginate exactly like he has seen in cartoons and don’t forget to tell human that his imagination will come in front of us from where we are forcing you to imaginate and genies in everything as a genie sense will confirm if they are imagination of human or not. Remember those things which happens from mind of humans or life are imagination, thinking, understanding, memories, remembering’s, dreams..etc Until life doesn’t sees or hears there imagination in reality of there mind they will not believe in there imagination to be true. Imagination means just understanding something or thinking something which human will never do it in reality but might be happy to just imaginate to clean his mind from any feared thoughts or dreams or understanding or thinking. or memories.

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