Do You Know I Will Win Only When I Don’t Fear From Anyone Or Hate Anything Of Anyone

I am true but why do i lost from any genies or any gods its because i fear from something and i hate something and if i don’t fear and if i don’t hate anything then i win because i am true so how do genies wins from me ? they force me to remember about fear by forcing me to remember about someone from whom i fear and they force me to hate something from what i hate something and genies or gods power starts working on me even when i am true because they believe in truth from which there power increases and fearing from someone and hating something is sinner act but they don’t know that i learned to fear and hate something from someone. if real god existed does he already knew this ? he would have knew if he has seen me but even after seeing me if he doesn’t knows anything about me then he is not real god. There is no such thing as god because genies forces me to fear and genies forces me to hate something so they win from me and god knows this ? and he justice only when i don’t fear from someone and hate something and he says if you are true then you will not fear and if you are true then you don’t hate anything. If god is learned to fear and hate can he remove his addiction of fearing and hating ?

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