Genies I Don’t Need To Believe In God For Living I Am Natural And Are You Forced To Believe In God To Live ?

By natural i mean i believe and don’t believe its up to me and i am not forced to believe in any god to continue living or know about worlds of god or show miracles or levitate. I believe in myself and i am true because my believe is true so i don’t believe in any gods all the time 24 hours continuously and 7 days a week and all the time and at any time i can tell to any genies that you are genie and show miracles to genie in front of everyone if i want but are you forced to believe in god so you are able to tell yourself as genie by hiding and showing yourself as transparent image to humans or to others ? because i go in reality and tell in front of genies that i am real and i believe or don’t believe i don’t have to survive on anyone truth to continue living because i am true then everyone. So are you natural or a dependent genie of god ? natural means living a living like humans live and dependent means living a living on what your god says you do (until you grow up if you are dependent then its good but are you pet. I am not evil i am true then everyone and i proofed but did you ask once to your god can he make you independent and natural ? if it is not possible then you are living a dependent living where you are not allowed to be independent and natural. Just ask your god can he make you natural and tell him you will not leave him and understand worlds of god naturally and tell me who i am.

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