The Toughest Ahmed Believe – Everybody Whom You See Or Hear Knows About You Like What You Are Understanding Or What You Are Thinking And Everything About You

This the toughest believe which i got when i started believing in my god but it was not easy to control our self because you become nervous and your mind can be disturbed if you don’t stop understanding bad and if you don’t stop thinking bad otherwise at any time your most horrible experience to others will be your bad understanding or bad thinking or any thinking from which you fear or scare. Toughest believe means whomever you see or hear after opening eyes they know about you and they know what you are understanding or what you are thinking because every single thing you see or hear has a genie who knows what you are understanding of good or understanding of bad or thinking of good or thinking of bad. If you simply fear of anything in front of them then your fear comes true and the same applies to death experience. I am telling to genies and gods if you go in front of humans and believe you are only original then you are wrong because a part of body is seen only when there is genie in there part and they know what you are understanding or what you are thinking. In everything as a genie sense there are other worlds too like soul world and other worlds who are not seen to genies or gods in world of god or genies world but seen or heard to toughest believe believers. I am the owner of toughest believe and telling you everyone how to have toughest believe but remember if you are lie or wrong then you can die at any time because of fear or hatred. Toughest believe is very sensitive world just like genies are sensitive. If you try to cheat by trying to win toughest believe then remember your death can happen by those humans parts of genies in everything as a genie sense. Even humans knows about genies and gods because of genies and gods visiting them in there mind and telling them but there genies inside of there body knows what is truth happening. Hope you like my toughest believe but it is not toughest experience for me anymore.

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