This Is What Is Happening To Me ? Story Explained Of Truth

When i talk name of torah then genies of torah who are not my family immediately increases there power by believing i took name of torah and they try to rule on me and try to theft my property by believing i finished torah and finished there families.  I told them i just talk anything when enemy genies gives me pain in head and trouble in head but didn’t destroyed anything of yours in reality and when i was out of control from mind before i prayed to torah and told to torah and god that i am being controlled by enemy genies of me and torah genies says now its your family genies who is making you bad  and everyone and they try to kill my torah family and give me peace so when some of my family is killed then i feel i have peace without knowing my family is killed because they give me peace to proof to others ahmed some family is killed and he feels good and don’t give me tension or trouble or pain in head until i become true again by them. I told to torah by praying its enemy genies of me who is giving me trouble in my head by forcing me to dislike something and hate someone and talk bad on anyone by believing in torah because when i take name of torah they believe i am of there religion and i belong to them they believe me like i am pet of them  and they born kids with me to keep thefting property of me by telling kids to believe in me that i am there father and theft my property and update to torah family that i am bad and i am wrong and they even say i am servant of them and servant of torah after thefting property form me forcely and they dont let me remember what i say in reality from mind so they proof what i said in reality was written by them to proof to the world i am wrong and they were the original ones and when i am out of control because of pain in head and trouble and tension in head i say anything to anyone because i don’t believe in anyone and as being a believer i prayed to torah after coming to know some torah genies are sucking my believe and proving i am becoming good by giving me peace in mind after killing some of my family members. Then when i become true again they give me trouble and tension in head after coming to know i started getting genies automatically and they take out genies from me and what they do ? does god knows it of torah ? and to remove genies they force me to become against torah and torah god and anyone who tries to say i am true because when i become true i get genies and genies are of my believe from which all other genies who are lie looses. So what did you understood until now if i am taking name of torah then some torah genies says i belong to them because in reality genies believes torah and everything of torah belongs to me then how can anyone proof by thefting property from me after i lost control from my mind and started disliking and hating someone because when i believe in torah or torah god then genies of torah who are not my family there power is increased and they use power to control me and try to make me bad and kill my family and give me peace and proof to world i am bad and me and my family was killing everyone and destroying the world and that is the reason torah genies gave me tension and controlled me and finish me and my family by misusing knowledge and power of torah and when i have tension in my mind i say anything so my genies accept it as wish by believing i told it but i witnessed o torah that what is happening with me so is torah true or lie and does torah god true or lie ? why torah and torah god cannot do justice right now by knowing truth because all genies of torah says torah means true and if torah and torah god doesn’t takes action then i will keep saying finish torah or anyone when i out of control because of torah genies who are servants and who wants to theft property from me and rule using my property, enemy genies theft my property and proof my property is there’s and proofs to others i don’t belong to torah or torha gah and says to me forcely torah is your enemy because they thefted genies from me of my property to proof anything which my genies says. So if anyone thefts genies from me and force my genie to anyone become against me and torah or torah god then everybody changes because of my genie. But how come torah and torah god doesn’;t knows this that my property genie has been thefted from me by torah genies servants who wanted to rule on torah and on torah god by proving they are real after learning it to love or like torah or like or love my genie. Does god knows this that he is lie ? i don’t believe in torah and i don’t believe in torah god but i just love them. Can torah and torah god change there mind if my porperty genies tries to change them. Remember what is said in tension or out of control from mind is not true.

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