When Sinless Tries To Control Human By Forcing Him To Hate Something And Forcing Human To Fear From Someone Then Human Realizes It is Not God In Whom He Believed

Sinless means believers of god and lovers of god and god who are always sinless but when sinless are unable to control human then sinless forces human to hate anything and forces human to fear from someone so there power works on human and they are able to control human by forcing human to dislike something and forcing human to fear from someone to win from human and they believe human is bad and sinner that is why human hated something and dislike something and that is why human feared from someone.  If human do the same thing on sinless what human will be known as sinless or sinner ? Human realizes after knowing it was not god in whom he believed after coming to know truth and god is lie and just like a human who can do anything to live and survive.

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