Will You Believe In That God Who Doesn’t Know Truth ?

God knows everything, as all genies witnesses truth but are there witnesses true ? because if god doesn’t know truth then he is not god and if god do unjustice even after knowing truth then he is not god. Can anyone in time ? change anyone living through god by trying to hide memories of truth by forcing anyone not to remember memory of truth so if anyone doesn’t remembers memories then they don’t get what is in there fate from god or from genies of god ?  don’t you believe one god exist actually ? because how can any genie or gods try to change time of anyone by trying to hide memories of truth of anyone ? memories of truth from which the human will have something in there fate but he didn’t got his fate because god or genies didn’t come to know memory of truth of anyone  and later when someone told truth to god or genies of god by luck then anyone who didn’t got fate in his living is  resurrected or given life to live by some genie of god or by god who lost from truth ? but do you believe in this god to be true who later came to know truth because of someone winning from god and because of someone god gives life to someone who was expired and not in time anymore and because of someone he got life otherwise he never existed. Who will be that one who will force god to remember someone is not sinner ? if god doesn’t know truth then why he doesn’t find out truth right now immediately about everyone and about me completely so he knows truth and lets see what justice god will do ? What god will do after knowing truth everybody wants to see and know because god has to keep his mind clean to justice after coming to know truth and if any single thing makes  god mind lost control in his mind then he is destroyed and starts destroying anything by losing control from his mind.

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